Lalitambika Tapovanam provides a lot of varied volunteering opportunities of both short and long-term duration. Accommodation and food will be provided for the short and long – term volunteers.

We are looking for volunteers in the below areas

  1. Temple seva – Volunteers who wish to spend dedicated time in the service of the temple like cleaning, arrangements for the pooja, helping in the temple reception/ counter, sponsoring for the pooja for a month, few months or for a year etc.,
  2. Gou – Seva (cow) – Volunteers who wish to spend dedicated time in the service of the Goshala like cleaning, taking care of one cow for a year etc.,
  3. Skill based seva – Volunteers who wish to provide seva in their field of expertise like teaching in the school for a day, short term or long term (subject, moral studies, digital etc.,), give valuable suggestions for the improvements of the ashram, helping with the ashram website maintenance and updates, introducing new software or mobile apps for the ashram etc.
  4.  Ashram seva – Volunteering in the various activities like helping in the kitchen, goshala, Guru mandir, Vanaprasthasramam, school etc.,
  5. Program/events volunteering – volunteering in organising events and programs at the time of new year, Ugadi, Navratri, Ram Navamai, Full moon and Sivaratri Havan etc.,

Anyone interested in volunteering please contact Manager or Swamiji on adhyatma.univ@gmail.com