The Tapovanam

Sri Sadguru Maharshi Malayala Swamy Lalitambika Tapovanam (“Sri Lalithambika Tapovanam”) is a Spiritual place for inner transformation, peace , tranquillity ,elevating the kundalini energy and experience the oneness through Kundalini Yoga meditation.

It was established by Parama Poojya Sri Sri Sri Rameswarananda Giri Swamy with the noble intention of enabling the blessings of his Guru Sri Sadguru Malayala Swamy & The Divine Mother Sri Lalita MahaTripuraSundari devi in the year 2003. It is located on NH-44 near Jadcherla (Around 75kms away from Hyderabad towards Bangalore).

Parama Poojya  Sri Sri Sri Rameswarananda Giri Swamy was a renowned Kundalini Yogi and Sri Vidyopasaka. His.Holiness. consecrated Goddess Sri Lalita MahaTripuraSundari devi and Sri Chakra Maha Meru here in the year 2003. Since then, the Tapovanam became a prime destination for spiritual seekers and devotees. He preached Kundalini Yoga Meditation to his disciples. He encouraged all men and women to do Lalitha Sahasranama parayanam  and Yajnam (havan). He might have performed more than thousand yajnams.

The Tapovanam

He was succeeded by his disciple,Sri sri sri Swamiji Sarveswaraananda Giri, who is a sincere practitioner of Sri Vidhya Upasana and Kundalini Yoga meditation. Swamiji Sarveswaraananda Giri continues doing the work of his Guru and giving the kundalini deeksha and mantra deeksha to the sincere seekers.

Parama Poojya Sri Sri Sri Rameswarananda Giri Swamy breathed his last and united himself with supreme brahman on 22/10/2016.

Few Kundalini Kendras in the Tapovanam are

  1. Kundalini Meditation Centre (Dhyana Kendra) – Sri Guru Adhistana Mandir is the place for inner peace and to practise Kundalini Yoga meditation by the sincere seekers.
  2. Sri Lalita Temple – Very powerful, serene, magnificent temple with Goddess Lalitambika, Srichakra and other deities.
  3. BrahmaVidya Patasala – Sri Asangananda Oriental School is the school for economically backward children with no parent or single parent.
  4. Goshala (Protective Shelter for Cows)- worship sacred cows and benefit in organic farming and alternate energy
  5. Vaana Prasthasramam – for old age people
  6. Annapurana Nilayam – food for devotees, school children, volunteers etc.,