Sri Vidyananda Giri Swamy

Sri Vidyanandagiri Swamy

Sri Vidyanandagiri Swamy became the second peetadhipathi of Sri Vyasashram in January 1973. He was a disciple of Sri Malaya Maharishi since childhood. He served as the Peetadhipathi of Sivagiri Ashram at Diguvamagam in Chittoor district before taking over the responsibility of Vyasaashram. He did penance for eighteen years by taking only uncooked food and observed total silence (Mounam) for one year during his penance.

He studied Sanskrit literature, gained vedic knowledge and spiritual knowledge in Benares. He wrote books Vedantahrudayam, Mandakyopanishad Upanyasamulu, Panchabhrama Nivruthi Nirupanamu in Telegu. 

He toured extensively all over Andhra Pradesh,Telengana, border areas of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, besides important places in England and USA during 1995 and 1997. He is very well known for his erudition, penance, perseverance and scholarly discourses which could be understood and followed even by lay people. He conducted Uttarayana Maha Yajna along the seacoast at Kakinada for six months, which made thousands of devotees to take up spiritual practices and become his disciples. Under his leadership, the Golden Jubilee of the Sri Vyasashram took place in 1976 and the Centenary celebrations of Sri Malayala Maharishi in 1985.

Vidhyananda Swamy