Sri Sarveswaraananda Giri Swamy

Sri Sarveswaraananda Giri Swamy

Poojya Sri Sri Sri Sarveswaraananda Giri Swamiji is the Founder of Sri Mata Tapoyagnasthali, Janwada, Hyderabad and the peetadhipathi of Sri Sadguru Malayala Swami Lalithambika Tapovanam, Jadcherla.


Swamy Sarveswarananda Giri

He has immense devotion for his Guru and was responsible for the construction of the ‘Guru Adhisthana Mandir (Brindavnam of H.H. Swami Rameswarananda Giri) ‘ in 2017 in which the statue of his Guru Sri Rameshwarananda Giri was installed.

He is a sincere practitioner of Sri Vidhya Upasana and Kundalini Yoga meditation. Swamiji continues doing the work of his Guru and giving the kundalini deeksha and mantra deeksha to the sincere seekers.

He is a very serene Mahaatma with complete Spiritual Wisdom and Enlightenment and a very profound Divine Radiance in his face. He is not only a Spiritual Mentor and Philosophical Guide, but also the Spiritual Guru who has transformed the lives of many ordinary people from a mundane living to a spiritual- centric living. He loves and connects with all kind of people without any distinctions of any nature whatsoever.

He has lot of compassion and immense love for the kids and dedicate his time personally to educate them with good values and culture as they are our future generations. He is very kind towards all the animals and taking care of all the abandoned cows in the ashram. He never punished anyone and always left the punishment to be decided by the Supreme.

He gives an opportunity to develop our dormant spiritual personality and keeps on correcting us with his deep spiritual wisdom and understanding. He is showing everyone the simplest way to attain Spiritual Enlightenment in this very birth.