Mantra Deeksha

Swamiji also gives Mantra deeksha to the interested practitioners (an alternate technique) as one can liberate by doing the Mantra Japam repeatedly.

“Mananat Trayate Iti Mantraha” – this is the saying about mantras. Mantra is the procedure which frees the mind from its own obsessive, compulsive, negative thinking. The power of Mantra japam is by repeated chanting of the Mantra one can attain liberation. Mantra japam is prescribed in the scriptures and by Maharishis for those people who cannot perform meditation or not interested in meditation or who have different wish than meditation. It is an alternate way to reach the DIVINE, attain oneness and to get the dharshan of the Ishta Devata. Swamiji gives Mantra Deeksha on various mantras like Gayatri Mantra, Pancha Dasi Mantra, Nava Arnava mantra.

Other teachings :-

Swamiji gives teaching on Lalitha Sahasranamam, Srimad Bhagavadgita , Upanishads and Puranas etc., He encourages everyone to chant Sri Lalita Sahasranamam every day.

People interested to take part in this or organise satsang in their home, area or organise Lalita sahasranamam chanting or help with the continuity of this may contact Manager 91770 85641 or Swamiji on