Kundalini Meditation

Swamiji Sarveswarananda Giri who is a sincere practitioner of Sri Vidhya Upasana and Kundalini Yoga meditation, continues doing his Guru’s work and also giving Kundalini Deeksha to all the sincere seekers.

Our great sages have studied in depth about the ATMA and have concluded that the ‘POWER’ which makes the movement – the Prana Skathi is nothing but Kundalini Shakthi. Kundalini means the vital force, which is pervading in all the creatures. It looks like a thin cord (if the lotus stem is broken) in a serpentine form with three and half rounds and it is in dormant state in the base of the spine, the muladhaara chakra. Kundalini Skathi is the dormant energy in every being when awaken and taken to higher levels, gives bliss and the SELF experience. The Sadhaka (practitioner) with devotion, determination, discipline and dedication under the able guidance of Swamiji is bound to attain SAMADHI in 40 days.


By doing Kunadalini meditation, kundalini gets awakened and gets motivated by ‘Prana’ and ‘Apana’ Vayus and enters the Sushumna Nadi. Then it starts moving up through the chakras, from Muladhara – Swadhistana – Mani Puraka – Anahatha – Visudha – Agna ultimately reaching the Sahasrar Chakra. When the kundalini reaches Swadhistana from Muladharam, it breaks ‘Brahma Grandhi’. Likewise, on reaching Anahatha it breaks the ‘Vishnu Grandhi’ and Agna chakra the ‘Rudra Grandhi’ and it removes Maya completely. When the Kundalini reaches Sahasrar one will get absolute liberation, bliss, ecstasy, joy and become one with the Paramatma.

For those who practise this meditation, they will get longevity, freedom from disease, radiating and peaceful life, vibrant personality, success, satisfaction, relief from mental tension and spiritual development.