Kundalini Meditation Centre (Dhyana Kendra)

Kundalini Meditation Centre

On the way to the temple from Rajagopuram, on left side, Sri Guru Adhistana Mandir (Brindavnam of H.H. Swami Rameswarananda Giri) has been constructed in 2017 for people to practise the sacred and powerful Kundalini yoga medditation. This is the place of Maha Samadhi of Poojya Gurudev Sri Sri Sri Rameswarananda Giri Swamiji. This Mandir is conceptualised and constructed by Swami Sarveswaraananda Giri with utmost interest and as a mark of respect and devotion to his Guru who has inspired several in the Kunadalini Yoga medditation. One can feel the presence of Guru Sri Rameswarananda Giri Swamiji in the Adhistana Mandir and can experience immediate stillness of mind in the meditation, elevation of the energy level and spiritual awakening.

Dhyana Kendra

Sri Rameswarananda Giri Swamy idol is installed on the base which has seven lotus from bottom to top representing the seven chakras viz., Mooladhara, Swadhistana, Manipuraka, Anahata, Visuddhi, Ajna and Sahasrara. On the Sahasrara chakra the guru is seated in the meditation posture.

Gurudev Sri Sri Sri Rameswarananda Giri Swamiji had practised himself Kundalini yoga for several decades and preached the same to thousands of disciples. Many disciples had experienced divine bliss, Samadhi and have gained materialistic benefits as well by practising kundalini yoga and given their testimonials.

The current peetadhipathi Sri Sri Sri Swamiji Sarveswaraananda Giri , who is a sincere practitioner of Sri Vidhya Upasana and Kundalini Yoga meditation continues giving Kundalini Yoga meditation deeksha and mantra deeksha to the sincere seekers.