Sri Lalita Jnana Havan (Yagnam) on Full moon and Sivaratri

Every pournami (Full Moon) and Sivaratri , Navagraha havan and Sri Lalita Jnana havan are performed. Palaki Seva of Lalitambika happens on every Full moon day.

Founder of the Tapovanam H.H. Rameswaraananda Giri Swami has performed more than 1000 Sri Lalita Jnana Yagnam at various places across Bharat(India). These include 3day, 5day, 7day yagnams. Significance of the yagnam is it purifies the environment, increase the positivity and helps to impart the knowledge of the Supreme(Jnana) to the people assembled at the Yagnam. Swamiji initiated these yagnams while he was in tapo deeksha at Gogarbha Guha(cave where H.H. Malayala Swami did penance for 12 years).

Navagraha Lalitha Havan

Continuing the same tradition H.H. Sarveswaraanda Giri Swamy has performed nearly about 300 yagnams so for, that include pournami and Maasa Sivaratri Sahasra NamaVali yagnams.

Various Havans are performed in the Tapovanam for the benefit of the loka kalyanam (welbeing of the society)

Sri Lalitha Sahasranama havan 
Navagraha Havan
Sri Chandi Havan
Maha Mrityunjaya havan etc.,

People interested to take part in this or help with the continuity of this may contact Manager 91770 85641 or  Swamiji on adhyatma.univ@gmail.com

Benefits of performing Havan:-

  1. Vibrations from chanting the mantra during and after helps to go deeper in the meditation.
  2. Elevates the energy levels thus improving health, peace of mind, happiness etc.,
  3. Sends positive vibrations around and creates harmony
  4. Protects from negative forces and minimise/nullify the adverse effects of various sources/planets.