Goshala – Place for cows.

Scriptures says worshipping the cows is equivalent to worshipping 33 crores of Gods. It also recommends doing meditation in the Goshala and also explains the benefits of doing mediation in the Goshala. “Raghvamsa Kavyam” narrates the story of emperor Dileep who was asked to live in vicinity of a cow “Going wherever it goes”, drinking the cow’s milk, resting only when cow rests for six months to cure his illness.


As fire purifies by burning and water purifies by cleansing, so too the Indian cow is the singular species gifted with the frequencies that ensemble all the natural powers of the deities and the universe and help to pass on all these frequencies to its by-products like cow dung, urine and its milk. Hence, this sattvik cow’s by-products like milk, dung or urine inherit all these frequencies. The Gomutra or the cow’s urine, by itself holds 5% power to attract the deities.

Cow Milk, Urine and dung are used in worship, havan and medicinal purposes. Milk is also used in cooking in the Annapurna Sala to feed the school children, devotees and volunteers.

Ashrama Goshala is currently with 60 cows and calves. Cows are feed with grass and cow feeder.

People interested in helping with “Feed a Cow” or do “Cow Seva” please contact either the Manager – 9177085641 or Swamiji on adhyatma.univ@gmail.com