Founder – Sri Rameshwarananda Giri Swamy

The Parama Guru, The Parivrajakacharya and The founder of Sri Sadguru Malayala Swamy Lalithambika Tapovanam – Sri Sri Sri Rameshwerananda Giri Swamy.

It is a well-known fact that the ” SANATHANA DHARMA” – the eternal way of living, the fusion of various belief systems (Philospohies) and several paths in each suggesting the way to reach pinnacle in its own way. This “Anadi”- no known beginning and no known single founder bug all referring to the Paramatma in their own words. Today’s Scholars call it as ” HINDUISM “.


Sri Rameshwarananda Giri Swamy

The very fact that the this Dharma is dynamic and all-encompassing, was proven by Great Avatar Purush, Maharishis and their lienage.

AdiSankara is one such guru who is credited with unifying and establishing the main currents of thoughts in HINDUISM with the great Advaita Tatva(Non-Dual Philosophy).

Similarly Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Maharishi Malayala Swamy, another great guru of recent times considered as a great spiritual revolutionist and a good social reformer, who dismissed the myths that the Vedas and other holy scriptures are only for a particular section of people of the society. He encouraged all men and women irrespective of cast and creed to study the scriptures and gain jnana – the knowledge.

Inspired by the teachings and practices of this great Sadguru many people became sishyas- the disciples, especially by his first book “Sushka Vedanta Tamo Bhaskaram”. One such sishya is Swamy Rameshwarananda Giri who preached and  practiced the teachings of his guru, taught kundalini yoga to the eligible sishyas, built “Sri Sadguru Maharshi Malayala Swamy Lalitambika Tapovanam”( “Sri Lalithambika Tapovanam”),and propagated the Devi Tatvam with the “Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Stotra” parayanas and yajnas across the nation.

Swami Rameshwarananda Giri was a Doctor by profession in his poorva asramam ie Gruhastha asramam. He was born on Ratha Saptami(Surya Jayanti) -the 5th February 1930- Magha shuddha saptami.

During his childhood he was greatly influenced by teachings of Sadguru Malayala Swamy so much and he went to Vyasa asramam to become a monk- the sanyasi. But Vyasa asramam peetadhipathi Sri Sri Sri  Malaya Swamy did not  induct him into sanyasa asramam. On the contrary he advised him to discharge his responsibilities as per Chatur asrama dharmas. So he came back and as a true follower of his guru he performed all his duties without any expectation or reward.

As a practising doctor, he used to treat the patients for various ailments and also used to give them spiritual and moral advices and guidance specially to the poor and downtrodden.
His home was a place not only for medical assistance but also for spiritual knowledge.

At the completion of 60 years, ie “shastipoorthy”- he renounced the world and took VANA PRASTHA ASRAMAM under  the divine guidance of Sri Vidyananda Giri Swamiji, the peetadhipathi of vyasa asramam.and he became Sri Sri Rameshwarananda Giri.

He went  to Gogarbha Tapovanam and did Tapas where his guru Malayala Swamy got the realisation as a result of nearly 12 year penance. (Tapas is a pious activity with solitude and meditation.)

He then came to Hyderabad as advised by Sri Vidyananda Giri Swamy to become the peetadhipathi of Gandhinagar matam of Malayala Swamy asramam. In the matam of Malayala Swamy he encouraged all men and women to do Lalitha Sahasranama paarayanams  and Yajnams.
He might have performed more than thousand yajnas at the matam

Sri Sri Sri Rameswarananda Giri Swamiji had learnt and practised himself Kundalini yoga for several decades and preached the same to thousands of disciples. Many disciples had experienced divine bliss, Samadhi states and materialistic benefits as well, by practising kundalini yoga and given testimonials. He imparted the wisdom mainly in silence. He is very calm in nature and very soft and gentle towards all the disciples.

He also wrote many books in Telegu – Kunadalini yoga Rahasyamu, Jnaana jyoti,  Sri Lalitha sahasranama Thatwa Vichaaranaa, Sri Malaya Sadguru Bodhamrutham, Sri Chakra Laghu Pooja Vidhanam. Swami started a monthly magazine called Jai Sadhguru Bharati to share the spiritual wisdom with everyone.

Swamiji consecrated idols (Vigraha Prathishtas) in many temples in India.

One of his disciples Sri Narasimha Ananda(Later renunciatied to become Narsimhanand Swamy) had donated to Swamiji 5 acres of land at Gollapally Jadcherla. He purchased another 5 acres of land and in that 10 acres of pious land Swamiji built the most pious and peaceful “Sri Lalithambika Tapovanam” with SriMata Lalithambika temple in the centre and vidyashaala, vaidyashaala, goshaala,Yajnashaala, Annapurna shaala.

He was succeeded by his disciple,Sri sri sri Swamiji Sarveswaraananda Giri, who is a sincere practitioner of Sri Vidhya Upasana and Kundalini Yoga meditation. Swamiji Sarveswaraananda Giri continues doing the work of his Guru and giving kundalini deeksha and mantra deeksha to the sincere seekers.

He breathed his last and united himself with supreme brahman on 22/10/2016.