BrahmaVidya Patasala

Scriptures says “Giving education to someone is the greatest donation (dhaanam) of all”. Sri Asangananda Oriental School was started by H.H. Rameswarananda Giri Swamy with the noble cause of educating the underprivileged/economically backward children with no/single parent. It is a free residential school offers currently English medium education for 5,6 ,7 and 8th classes and is expandable up to 10th class. Currently around 100 children both boys and girls from the nearby villages are studying in the school. Educating the children with good values and culture will help one to grow spiritually.


BrahmaVidya Patasala - School

Students are provided with free education, boarding, text books, notebooks, uniform, food, medical and daily care etc., Digital learning, Yoga and meditation, chanting, special Sanskrit classes, martial arts and Vedic maths are inclusive. Students have participated in the state, national, district level martial arts competition and won medals in almost every event.

People interested in helping child education can do so by contributing for the one-year expenses of child for books, uniforms, computers etc. This would help many children in the rural areas to get an opportunity to study and pursue their dreams.

There is an ancient saying in India that goes like this – ‘Anna daanam maha daanam; Vidya daanam mahattaram. Annena kshanika trupthihi Yaavajjeevanthu vidyayaa’. It means that giving food to a hungry person is indeed a great donation, but the greatest donation of all is to give a person Education. Food gives but a momentary satisfaction whereas Education empowers the person for his entire life.

Anyone interested to help please contact either the Manager – 9177085641 or Swamiji on